LIFT's products can be defined by our sleek contemporary design, functionality and solid craftsmanship. Our commitment to providing the finest outdoor furniture / products for our discriminating customers demands that. To accomplish this we make use of sophisticated European designs and execution and advanced materials along with the latest technologies and production facilities.

Our approach is to create the currency of a successful relationship between our clients and their customers by developing products that are charismatic, clearly differentiated, straightforward to manufacture, simple to understand and easy to use.

Whether developing a new product, evolving an existing one, expanding a range or creating a new business opportunity, we ensure both client and customer gain value for money by the intelligent application of innovation and design. We see this as an equation:

Value = (Design + Quality + Brand) / Price. We work in close partnership with our clients, measuring success in clients' sales and customer satisfaction.

Our core ethos is to use design to improve quality of life. We cover a broader range of design work than perhaps any other office and this holistic approach gives our work clarity and consistency.

LIFT and our partners consists of a strong team of creative and professional people, who understand design and how it is implemented to achieve success both for the designer and, more importantly, for our clients.

We are constantly seeking ways to expand the quality and range of our work and bring intelligent, ingenious thinking to new sectors.