Shade Sails

Create an architectural statement with one of LIFT's shade sail solutions. Stylish and durable, our shade sails instantly transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary. Construct the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor area even under our extreme Hong Kong conditions. Got a square, triangular or rectangular space? Or perhaps yours is the awkward kind, a space you're not sure what to do with? We've got you covered.

All of our shade products are manufactured from only the highest grade, Commercial quality shade cloths available, to provide maximum UV protection while standing up against harsh sunlight exposure.  With 3 major brands and over 30 colours to choose from, all of our cloths are guaranteed with a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.

Materials :



      Ferrari Soltis 86             Flexlight-Lodge-6002-E           Synthesis Commercial 95 

Hard Ware

All our shade sails are designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards and regulations, very user friendly, easy to put up and down, most importantly, giving you peace of mind.

We provide a quality solution for a range of shade sail budgets and specifications, and also provide the right advice to ensure all our shades sails are installed safely, which is imperative in an industry where shade solutions are readily used by schools, clubs and families to protect children from the sun's harmful rays. We design location-specific structures for restaurants, resorts, schools, shopping centers and homes all over Asia Pacific.

By sending us site plans and photographs plus some information on your objectives for the structure, we'll send you designs for consideration. Our technicians can go for a site visit to give you the best shading solution recommendation.

Our shade sails come in a range of shapes and size to create an affordable designer statement.

3D rendering process is also available so you can have a good view of your design before you order.

3D rendering process enables you to see what the finish product will look like in the surroundings from any view you like.

Project Reference :